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SchoolAura will provide the best material and real time support.

Our Planning

SchoolAura is providing the facilities to quickly deal with all the routine tasks in a smooth manner. Keeping in mind all the functionalities performed by the students, SchoolAura is a step towards digitalization. When school routine activities will be available online, the students will be able to access their records quickly, teachers will be able to pay attention to an individual's performance and parents can monitor their child results just at a click!

SchoolAura aims to bring the students, teachers, staff members and parents to bring under the common roof so that the level of teaching and learning can be improved easily and efficiently.


We aim to transform the learning for schools facilitating them with an effective online platform for each student providing them the best features for their growth and learning. We want to fill the gap in between the teachers and students through continuous delivery of the best modern technological solutions so that students and teachers can discuss everything in a smooth manner without any hesitation.

With the efficient, dynamic approach we shall be recognized as the best fit to deliver school management solutions.

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At SchoolAura we moved forward towards making the Schools digital, by efficiently managing their data online.To survive in this competitive environment one needs to adapt the changes and accept the online means. Going everything through online provides a lot of benefits. Students can read the notes and watch the videos while performing several activities, this will save students time. Watching the videos while travelling or in free time will give students an appropriate and live picture of understanding any tough topics easily.


School Aura courses are available for all classes?

Yes, Students across classes 1st to 12th, for Competitive Exam, and Enterance Exam can attend and learn from SchoolAura.

How many live classes are there in a week?

We are not providing live classes, We are providing recorded video in courses and you can ask in comment from your teacher. And Schedule a call with your teacher for better understanding.

Can the student clear his/her doubt during the class?

While attending an online class, you can ask questions in chat. The teacher will instantly assist and solve their doubts.

Does School Aura offer a demo class free of cost?

Yes, School Aura will offer a demo class for free of cost (only one class).

Can the students receive assistance with their homework?

Yes Definitely, School Aura will help in it.

What all curriculums do you cover?

According to the boards, CBSE and ICSE.

How can I contact you?

If you have a question, comment, suggestion or want to reach out for any other reason, you can contact our team at contact@schoolaura.com

Are payments secure? What payment methods are available?

Yes, payments are secure!

We provide several payment options including: Credit Card, EMI Payment, Online Bank Transfer, and Wallet Payment. You can also choose between a one-time payment and subscription payments.


SchoolAura management software is providing you hassle free automated academic and managerial activities. Our software lets you complete all the complex tasks in less time.